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400G Transceivers

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The DNA Learning Center

Learn more about finding the necessary power budgets in order to establish well functioning connections.

Find out what they key differences between single and multimode are and which mode is right for your applications

We are now manufacturing and shipping 400G transceivers enabling the highest performance within your network.

Fiber optics cables are protected by the outer jacket layer. This layer protects the cable against conditions such as fire. Learn more about the different fire ratings.

In addition to being MSA (Multi-source Agreement) compliant our products are manufactured in accordance with many industry leading certifications.

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At Datanet we serve customers worldwide. For your convenience we partner with the major logistics companies. Whether you are in a rush to receive your products or order in advance for an upcoming project, we have a right suited shipping option available for you.

Endless Compatibility

As we manufacture all our equipment inhouse, we can conveniently support all your compatibility needs. We cover over 25 OEMs with our Datanet Assets products so that we can offer you a convenient one stop shop solution for your transceiver requirements.

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