About Datanet Assets

Datanet Assets was founded to provide affordable optical transceivers that can compete with the leading OEM’s on quality.  While working in the data storage and networking industry for both OEM’s and VAR’s we always wondered why equipment that is reasonably affordable to manufacture is sold at such high prices by the OEM’s. At DNA we believe that this money is better spend on the core equipment within your network.

A word from our founding partner

Our mission is to provide high quality compatible products and exceptional customer service to anyone who doesn’t like to overspend on equipment. We understand that OEMs can charge higher prices because you are paying for the brand logo. Lower prices doesn’t necessarily mean lower quality though. At Datanet Assets we take pride in the care we put in our production, programming, and testing processes. Each step is carefully put together to ensure that you will get high quality out of anything that is sold under the Datanet Assets name.


To take away potential hesitation about compatibility we test 100% of our products at our facility in Vancouver, Canada. Located in the Pacific Northwest we are conveniently located to have your desired products delivered anywhere world-wide within days.


We are looking forward to a fruitful partnership with you and our DNA team is here to serve you with any request you have about our products and processes.


Remy Smit

What sets Datanet Assets apart?

There is a variety of options of compatible optical transceivers available ranging in quality and price. This can make it hard for you to find a brand that fits truly meets the high standards you have for your network. Below a few of the reasons to believe DNA is the right fit for you.

All-round industry experience

Our team has extensive experience throughout the industry. Our people have held different positions at OEMs, VARs, and end-users giving them a holistic understanding of customer expectations. We understand your pain points and use them when developing new products.

Innovative Thinking

Our holistic industry experience gives us strong awareness of the direction the industry is heading towards. We incorporate the technological advancements you expect in your optical transceivers to keep up with the rest of your network and be ready for the future of data.

Dynamic Approach

We don’t want to be yet another run of the mill producer of optics. We strive to take a different approach and encourage everyone in our organization to think of new approaches to our processes. The ultimate goal of this is to enhance your customer experience.

The DNA Blueprint

The many years of industry experience amongst our founders has led to an emphasis on a strong company foundation. A clear vision, mission statement, and company values are important to maintain the high standards that we are striving for and to set ourselves apart.


Our vision is to prevent people from overspending on optical transceivers.


The mission statement of Datanet Assets is to be your to go to partner for optical transceiver and cables through a combination of affordable high-quality products and exceptional customer service.


At DNA we live by the following values to promote exceptional customer service and a great work atmosphere. We expect everyone at Datanet Assets to have these values to set us apart from the competition.


  • Datanet Assets puts Reliability at the core of everything we do. From the quality of our products to the way our team members are always available to support customers with request.

  • Consistency is key at Datanet Assets. We understand that you always expect the same high quality of products and service, so that you can focus on your network instead of worrying about your supply chain.

  • Our team members are Committed to make your Datanet Assets experience nothing but outstanding from first contact and on. We carefully select our employees on a desire to improve themselves and don’t easily give up in the face of adversity.

  • We expect Integrity from everyone within our organization since we believe this is one of the most important values needed to build long lasting partnerships and ultimately grow into an industry leader.

  • We want to set ourselves apart by being a Dynamic manufacturer of optical transceivers. We are not afraid to try new approaches to the customer experience if we believe this will ultimately benefit you.

North American Owned & Operated

Our founding partner as well as our entire executive staff has extensive experience in a variety of sectors within the IT industry in North-America.


All equipment we manufacture is programmed and tested in our Vancouver facility so that it matches the high expectations we set for our products. As we strive for exceptional customer service someone on our team is always ready to answer your questions or help you with time sensible orders.

Datanet Assets as an Employer

As a fast-growing manufacturer of optical transceivers, we want to give our team members the chance to grow with us. We value personal growth through all levels within the organization. We believe no one is ever done learning and therefore we encourage our employees to come up with growth goals to develop themselves and become a more indispensable member of the industry. This ultimately benefits our customers in the shape of extensive knowledge and advice for all their needs.


We value motivated people who approach situations with a fresh look and an open mind. People who enjoy taking on challenges and who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone. We attempt to form a balanced team with a wide age range and a variety of cultural backgrounds. We believe that different backgrounds lead to a diversity of thought within the organization which leads to unique and fresh approaches that will help grow our company.


We believe that the commitment, reliability, and integrity that our employees display should be rewarded. We offer growth opportunities within the organization and will always look to promote from within if a position opens up.


As a young and dynamic company with customers worldwide, we are always looking to add talent to our team. Are you committed, reliable, and dynamic? Feel free to reach out to us today to hear about our opportunities!

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