The DNA Learning Center

Part of our mission at Datanet Assets is to educate our customers on all things transceivers. With all the changes and latest developments the industry changes quicker than we realize. Therefore we find it important to educate our customers on not only the basics of transceivers, but the latest developments and available technologies as well. By doing so we help you better understand all the available options in the world of transceivers and cables. We hope that in this way you are able to better navigate on which type of transceivers best compliments your network.

Please check back in the DNA Learning Center occasionally as we continue to add new learning topics.

Learn more about finding the necessary power budgets in order to establish well functioning connections.

Find out what they key differences between single and multimode are and which mode is right for your applications.

We are now manufacturing and shipping 400G transceivers enabling the highest performance within your network.

Fiber optics cables are protected by the outer jacket layer. This layer protects the cable against conditions such as fire. Learn more about the different fire ratings.

Bend insensitive cables were developed in order to reduce bending degrades. Learn more about this development in this article.

What exactly is the difference between DAC and AOC? Find out when to use which cable within your network.

What are WDM Channels?

Coming February 13th, 2020.

Wavelengths Explained

Coming February 17th, 2020.

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