The DNA Product Portfolio

At Datanet Assets we focus on manufacturing the products of the highest quality. Our goal is not to simply offer a cheap alternative to A-branded products. Quality is in our DNA, therefore we aim to develop products that are a true asset to your network while saving you money at the same time.

All our transceivers are manufactured complying to MSA standards.


Designed for data center applications and networks using up to 25G. Available in single and multimode for a variety of distances.


Supporting 4 independent lanes which can individually transmit and receive data. Available in both single and multimode.


These modules support up to 16 x 25Gb or 8 x 50Gb (CFP8) lanes and are available in single and multimode.


These 10Gb modules are available in a variety of types to provide the required optical reach over single or multimode fiber.


High-speed copper cable assemblies. DAC Cables come as either active or passive and are available for SFP, QSFP, XFP.


High speed optical fiber assembly cables (AOC) are available in different lengths for SFP+; SFP28; QSFP+ and QSFP28.

Fiber Optics

Single or multimode (available with LC, SC or ST connectors) bend insensitive cables with ONFR or ONFP rating.


Transceivers for special applications (FC, DigitalVideo and PON). Converter modules are also available.

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