Quality is in our DNA

At Datanet Assets it is in our DNA to ensure all products manufactured are a true asset to your network. We put a central focus on quality control so that you can have peace of mind. We constantly work on perfecting our manufacturing and testing procedures to ensure continuation of our high standards. All of our transceivers are MSA compliant.

All our transceivers go through several steps of testing while being manufactured to make sure the transceivers are of the best quality.

While the technologies and procedures to manufacturer optical transceivers has improved over the year, we still maintain our extensive manufacturing and testing program.

Some of the steps involved in the manufacturing process are Calibration testing, Differential Signal Testing, Lens Cleaning, Aging Testing, and of course the Compatibility Testing in OEM branded switches.



All our products meet the ISO9001 standards. This certification is provided to organizations conducting development and production of fiber optical products.


Datanet Assets products hold the Regulatory Compliance Mark which means that they are compliant with electrical safety, EME, EMC, and telecommunications legislative requirements.


The electromagnetic interference from our products are under limits approved by the Federal Communications Commission.


Our products are RoHS Compliant. This means we don’t use hazardous substances such as lead and mercury in our Datanet Assets products.


All our products are conforming with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

Reach Compliant

Datanet Assets only manufactures Reach Compliant products. The Reach Certificate of Compliance is used to prevent harm to human health and the environment through chemical substances.


Learn more about DNA warranties here. To find out the truth about OEM warranties when installing compatible transceivers please click here.

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